Age With Strength, Energy and Vitality

At Least One in Four Older People Have a Fall Each Year

We Help You Get Back Up

Getting older means getting wiser. And getting wiser means realising you need to improve your personal health to prevent falls, stay self-sufficient and increase your mental and physical energy.

One in four older people have a fall each year. Our focus is on exercise that prevents falls, or rehabilitation to help you back on your feet if one does happen. Our comfortable studio is a place full of friendly faces where you can enjoy taking care of yourself in a social community.

With one of our FREE personalised sessions, a specialist trainer in preventative health can help you figure out what you need to do to achieve this quality of life.

Join our Quick Silvers Group!

  • Small Group Training only for older adults (average age of the group is 73)
  • A social group where the coffee afterwards is an integral part of the training!
  • Our group is keeping up with the grandkids and ageing with grace

What We Offer

Tailored Classes

Small, welcoming groups – the Quick Silvers, have an emphasis on increasing flexibility, stability, strength and cardio. The social coffee after is also integral to your training regime!

Goal Setting

What you want to achieve is important – whether it’s getting those medical stats in a good place or bending over and getting up with ease.

Care + Community

Caring, positive relationships are just as important as any Sudoku for keeping your mind alert. Surround yourself with like-minded people who are always up for a giggle.

Why It's Important

The Physical Stuff

Our classes focus on the stuff that will do the most good. Research shows that strength and balance programs can reduce fall rates in older people by 17%, reduce the risk of fractures and increase bone density to ward off osteoporosis.

The Family Stuff

We believe embracing the ageing process is about enjoying the people you care most about. A healthy mind and body is crucial to be able to achieve that quality of life.

The Cost Stuff

Improving your personal health pays off in the long run. Shorter hospital visits, less medication and, of course, preventing general health complications.

Put yourself first today!

Get a personalised FREE session to discover how we tailor the 5 steps to your needs and help you create goals specifically for your body – no one else’s. ​

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