Five Steps To A Healthy + Active Body

Feeling good in your own skin can be achieved at any stage in your life as a woman, whether you’re raising kids, facing menopause or generally wanting to feel confident and comfortable with yourself.

Our Five Step Kickstart

We will have you moving more, eating better and feeling great about creating healthy habits for your body and mind.

Results that count

Measurements that accurately reflect
your body’s response

Move for better emotions

For better sleep, improved energy
and mental stamina

Make your needs matter

A welcoming space, personal goals
and plenty of care


Surround yourself with a positive community

Create healthy habits

The tools you need to stick to
a better quality of life

Does this Sound Familiar?

Your kids are getting bigger and are becoming independent, but so is your waistline!

You have found some financial freedom, but are feeling shackled by your weight.​

Life has got comfortable, but moving and exercising isn't.​

You know that you need a kickstart, but can't find the right place.​

We're Women Helping Women​

Through tailored assistance, a plan and a caring environment, we help you to:​

Improve your overall health no matter what shape you’re in​

Find healthy balance for the next phase of your life​

Embrace and enjoy the ageing process

Feel confident and comfortable in an exercise environment

Join a social community of interesting, like-minded women​

Three Reasons We Can Help​

We Are Mothers​

We have children and understand that once women have children our bodies don’t work like they used to.

We understand the challenges that juggling a family comes with and how often we put ourselves last, at the expense of our own health.

We know how to deal with these situations and get you results.

We Know About Menopause

Menopause is a frustrating and challenging time for women. We specialise in training women through this period of transition in their lives.

This requires an understanding of what the body is going through and what is and isn’t achievable in your training.

We get you through feeling better that you thought possible.

We have Experience

We haven’t just started this venture Cairns Personal Trainers has been operating in Cairns for over 12 years! 

We have some clients that have been with us for over 10 years – because we live by our motto of ‘Friendships, not Memberships’.

What Our Members Have to Say

I am retired and we feel that I am making a great investment in my long term health; enjoying feeling fit, strong and healthy. I am of the opinion that at this stage of in my life it is even more important than ever to continue with personal training as it benefits my mental and physical health. Korina manages to advance me to a greater level in my sessions, and the atmosphere at Cairns Personal Trainers is always welcoming and friendly.
61 Years
I was nervous and embarrassed on my first day. I nearly didn’t go! Korina made me feel comfortable and eased me in with gentle exercises. She has gradually made me feel younger, stronger and fitter than I have felt in years. Her faith in me never waivers and she continues to motivate me to be my absolute best every day.
44 years

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