Them Bones, Them bones….Keeping them strong as we age

Exercise is essential for everybody. As we age, keeping our bones healthy becomes even more important.  Strong healthy bones mean you can maintain your bone density and lead a fit and active life well into old age.
Numerous studies have examined the positive effects of weight-bearing exercises. Resistance exercises have the greatest effect on bone mineral density.    Bone will form when there is stress, so when muscles pull on the bones during weight training they stimulate the bone to increase its density.

                 "At least one in four older people have a fall each year"

Resistance training doesn’t mean you have to lift big heavy weights. You just need to use enough weight to adequately stress your muscles and bones. A well-rounded strength training program that works all of the major muscle groups will benefit practically all of your bones. Targeting the bones of the hips, spine and wrists as well as the ribs will help reduce the risk of fractures.  By enhancing strength and stability a good resistance workout will reduce the likelihood of falls, preventing fractures.

               “Research shows that strength and balance programs can reduce falls rates in older people by 17%”

The average age of the adults in my over 55’s class is 73.  Some of the group started attending my classes to help improve their bone density.  Osteoporosis is very common as we age, particularly in women.  A couple of ladies in my group have had very promising improvements in their bone density.

Many of our older adults are turning to resistance training based classes because they want to grow stronger, healthier, and to be more active and independent.  Being able to keep up with the grand-kids, take the dog for a walk, not struggle to get out of the chair, able to do everyday tasks, catching up with friends for a coffee (after gym:) can be so much more enjoyable if you feel strong and confident!!!!♥♥

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