Forty And Feeling It???


Rediscover what your body can do after 40.

You’ve just spent the last 10-15years looking after your family and suddenly discover that you aren’t in as great shape as you used to be! You think, “How did this happen”? “How can I find the person I used to be”? “I want to look great, be happy and motivated to live life”.

You need to make changes! By placing a value on your health and happiness you begin to move towards the new you.


Why is it important to put myself first?

As mothers we go through many changes in our lifetime. At first our babies are helpless and need us for survival; then they grow a little older and more independent and need us to drive them around; suddenly they are driving themselves everywhere and are rarely home but are still relying on us to feed, clothe and put a roof over their heads; finally, they are married and we are suffering empty nest syndrome.

In order for everyone else to be happy YOU have to be happy first. We are not mothers so we can be slaves to our families. We are real people with identities and needs of our own. If you can take an hour or two a week to focus on your health, fitness and mental wellbeing; you will be happier, more energetic and willing to actively participate in your family’s activities. Your relationship with your partner will blossom because you are happier and more confident with your body; and regular hits of endorphins will leave you feeling blissed out about life.

I went on the journey to rediscover myself in my mid 30’s. I didn’t like how I looked or my slothfulness. The battle for change was like my heartrate in a spin class, very much up and down. The first 3mths bought about no change and I almost gave up. With perseverance I managed to drop only 4kgs in 18months. This may not sound like much but I dropped 3 dress sizes too, from a 14 to a 10! I have changed my lifestyle to include exercise and nutrition and have cut alcohol dramatically. My fun is derived from what I call Social Activeness. Like many people motivation is a struggle for me too. It didn’t take me long to realise I needed to surround myself with likeminded people. I have had a FANTASTIC group of girls and the occasional boy who join me in all the adventures life has to offer. We meet regularly and make new fitness discoveries together. My life is exciting and I have people to share the fun withJ


What do I need to do to look and feel great?

Set time aside each week to focus on yourself. In your weekly schedule blank out space for yourself. Find a personal trainer; join a group of girls to work out with; go riding with friends; start a gratitude diary; and shop only on the outside of the supermarkets gathering fresh produce, meat and dairy.

When you start to cook healthier meals you will find you have more energy and are motivated to participate in an exercise program. Once you have gained even a small degree of fitness you will look forward to smashing a session with friends and enjoy the fun that can only be gained by hanging out with girlfriends. As you train more you will find that sleep will come easier because you have had a full day, and satisfying exhaustion will help you to sleep better.

Planning your health and fitness will take organisation. this organisation will reflect in all aspects of your life. You now have a reason to work the kids around your schedule and for Dad to take them to sport on Sunday mornings.  Now is the time to take control of your life.

When my fitness journey began I had to reorganise my schedule to find space for myself. We were in the process of selling our business that was open 7 days a week and my husband would soon have a regular job with regular hours. What job could I get that would allow me time for health and fitness? How can I do all the things I want to? I started training in a small studio in Kuranda with a personal trainer. The 6am starts were hard but I was determined. She followed me on my journey to change; guiding, offering a shoulder to cry on and celebrating the victory of my first triathlon! I felt amazing! It was my trainer that thought I would make a great PT! How right she was. I love my job, my lifestyle and health.


Can I go back to the sport I participated in before kids?

The simple answer to this is yes! Starting a cardio, nutrition and weight training regime will bring your fitness, up to speed then you can confidently sign up for masters in any sport you choose. Masters can challenge your sporting prowess and increase your social circles. Over the years I have met amazing people who motivated and inspired me to challenge myself both physically and emotionally. I have always found, people who participated in sport later in life are welcoming, encouraging and motivated all aspects of their life. Masters is all about fun in sport.

Join the movement I did. The first sport I tried was triathlon; then swimming; then surf. I have a large and supportive group of friends from many sporting backgrounds and love to follow their journeys and share my own. My children are living happy healthy lives, learning from modelling that I have shown them. I am proud of all they do and myself for showing them how to live a full life. My life is healthy, happy and busy. Just the way I love it.


Be your own catalyst for change…..

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