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Menopause Management

Menopause management
Last updated 25 August 2015 — Last reviewed 02 March 2014

Management and treatment of menopausal symptoms depends on each individual woman. Healthy living, natural and complementary therapies including herbs and phytoestrogens, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), some antidepressant medications and medications typically used for high blood pressure may assist with menopause symptoms. ‘Bioidentical’ hormone therapy is also discussed.
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Healthy living
Managing vaginal problems
Natural & complementary therapies

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
Other prescription medications
Bioidentical hormones & menopause

Many women cope with mild menopause symptoms and don’t need to take any medication or use therapies. Some women manage their symptoms well with lifestyle measures like eating well and getting regular physical activity. Others women with symptoms that are affecting their quality of life will need to seek treatment to help them manage.

Menopause is a different experience for all women and there is a range of management options available for the different symptoms including:

Healthy living
Hormone replacement therapy
Treatments to manage vaginal dryness
Other prescription medications
Natural & complementary therapies
Bioidentical hormone therapy (not recommended)

Some treatments are well supported by valid scientific research; others have less evidence to support their use. It is important to have accurate and reliable information before you start on any treatment.
Healthy living
Lifestyle & menopause symptoms

Regular exercise can reduce frequency & severity of hot flushesCoping with menopause symptoms can be helped by healthy eating, a balanced nutritious diet, exercise and relaxation. Women who try to make their lifestyle as healthy as they can, appear to have less menopause symptoms and those symptoms are less severe. Women who are overweight may have more hot flushes than women of a healthy weight.

Women who have hot flushes and who exercise can reduce the frequency and severity….

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